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AWS ECS Support

The Cado platform will collect key logs and forensic artifacts from AWS ECS systems.

How to Import

  1. Go to Import > Cloud Import ECS 1

  2. Then select the target Cluster and Task: Import ECS 2

  3. Then click Acquire Container.

  4. Confirm details and click Start Import

Cado will now automatically collect all the key logs and forensic artifacts from the container to enable an investigation.

Import ECS 3

For a typical acquisition, import and processing will take a few minutes to complete.


ECS Import Requirements

  • You’ll need to enable enableExecuteCommand on your ECS task, there is no way to add this to an already existing task. This is a hard requirement from AWS that cannot be changed from Cado's perspective or the Cado product itself.
  • Currently ECS acquisitions are only available on Linux based containers.

You will receive an error such as this: ECS Error

If either:

  • Your IAM role doesn't have the required ECS permissions for IAM:

Data Flow Diagram

For a diagram of how our ECS acquisitions operate, please see our Knowledge Base.