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Cado Platform

Data is moving to the cloud. Cyber attackers are moving to the cloud. Yet when security teams need to investigate a threat in a modern environment, it’s incredibly complex and time consuming. The Cado platform leverages the scale, speed and automation of the cloud to expedite investigation and response.

Core Features

  • Automated data capture - Cado enables automated data capture across multi-cloud and ephemeral container environments, while also supporting investigations across on-premises systems.

  • Parallel processing - Cado is powered by a patent-pending cloud-native architecture that automatically scales up and down to provide rapid parallel data processing.

  • Powerful analytics - The Cado analytics engine is powered by threat intelligence, machine learning, and built-in YARA rules to automatically flag malicious activity and potential risks.

  • Single pane of glass - Cado presents hundreds of data sources across cloud-provider logs, disk, memory, and more in a single timeline so security teams can quickly determine scope and impact.


  • Cloud Scale - Automate data capture across complex and multi-cloud environments. No agents required.

  • Cloud Speed - Take advantage of rapid, parallel processing to normalize massive amounts of disparate data in minutes, not days.

  • Cloud Visibility - Investigate hundreds of data sources across cloud-provider logs, disk, memory, and more, in a single pane of glass.

Getting a license

Deploy and Manage Cado in your cloud environment

You can deploy and manage Cado in either your AWS, Azure or GCP environment

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Learn how in Azure >

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Processing Data

After deploying Cado, data can be automatically acquired from the cloud or imported from a number of supported sources.

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Analyzing Evidence

Data which is imported is automatically processed, analyzed and added to the platform. Automatic detections, timeline of events and more are available for investigation.

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