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Exporting Data from Cado Response

Cado Response is designed to be an open platform to import and export data from.

Exporting Collected Disk Images and Raw Data to Forensic Tools

We collect:

  • AWS EC2 systems in DD format
  • Azure Virtual Machines in VHD format
  • GCP Instances in VMDK format
  • Cado Host Triage captures (and captures from Containers) in a Zip format In to storage (S3 in AWS, Storage in Azure).

These formats can be downloaded from the relevant cloud console and imported into desktop forensic tools such as:

Exporting Processed Data to SIEM Platforms

Please see SIEM Integrations >

Centrally Preserving Data

If you are deployed into AWS, you can enable all processed evidence to be copied and preserved in a central S3 bucket. This setting can be enabled at Settings > Preservation.