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We now recommend using the automatically created temporary credentials generated by Cado Response. See our documentation here for more details.

Creating Google Cloud Credentials

To create secure credentials for Google Cloud Storage, perform the following. You can also watch the embedded video, which walks through the process.​

  • Create a Bucket
  • Create credentials for write-only access to the bucket

Creating a Bucket

  • Open the Storage Browser.
  • Click Create Bucket.
  • Create the bucket using your desired settings.

Creating Credentials

  • Go to Storage Settings.
  • Select your project, then select Interoperability.
  • Click Create a Key for a service Account.
  • Click Create a New Account.
  • Type the name of the account, then grant the Storage Object Creator permission.
  • This grants permission to write objects to a storage bucket, but not list or download objects.
  • Click through to create the account, and copy the Secret Key and Access Key.

In the end, you are ready to go when you have:

  1. The Access Key
  2. The Secret Key
  3. The Bucket Name