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Managing Projects

Cado groups evidence items into projects.

Creating a Project

To create a new Project:

  • Click Projects
  • Click Create Project
  • Give the Project a unique name
  • Optionally, grant users access to the project and give it a description
  • Click Create

Deleting a Project

You may want to delete old projects to free up disk space. To delete a Project:

  • Click Projects and select ⋮ on the project you would like to delete
  • Click Project Settings
  • Browse to the bottom of the page to Delete and enter permanently delete in the text box
  • Click Delete Project

You can view free disk space by clicking on the Platform menu button.

Updating a Project

You can update a Project name and the description. To update a Project:

  • Click Projects and select the project you would like to update
  • Select ⋮ on the project, then click Project Settings
  • Make your updates and click Save Changes

Project Processing

The Processing page gives you a high level summary of the processing status of evidence items. Evidence items go through a number of different stages of analysis before they are complete. Some data, such as file listings, will be available before the processing is complete. To view the Project Processing:

  • Click Projects and select the project you would like to view
  • Navigate to the Automated Investigation or Evidence tab and select ⋮ on the project
  • Click View Processing Pipeline


Individual evidence items can be expanded to view their processing status.