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Browse Disk

When you select a piece of disk evidence in the Project Overview tab, a Browse Disk Tab will appear.

Browse Disk shows a hierarchical view of the file system. Cado marks directory structures where Cado has found Alarms or Suspicions with red or yellow dots respectively. Clicking on a folder allows you to drill down into that structure.

Browse Disk

Clicking on a file takes you to the details for that file, including links to search Open Threat Exchange (OTX) and VirusTotal if you have those set up. Cado will index and show a preview of the text in a file, up to the first 1000 lines. You can download the full contents of the file.

File Details 1

This tab also shows any key events (alarms, suspicions) associated with this file.

File Details 2

For running processes collected by Cado Host This tab also shows a diagram of information about running processes.

Process Data

This data is also available in tabular form

Process Table