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Networking and Proxies


This feature is in beta. To enable go to Settings - Experiments and enable 'Proxy Settings'

Cado supports the use of proxies for communication between the Cado platform and services external to the environment in which you have deployed the Cado platform. This can include:

  • Cross-cloud acquisitions
  • XDR-based acquisitions
  • Importing from a URL
  • System updates
  • Providing diagnostic information to Cado

Cado supports proxy authentication using basic HTTP and server certificate TLS authentication.

Configure Proxy Access

To configure proxy access go to Settings - Advanced

Specify the URL of the proxy. If the proxy requires a user ID and password, include these as part of the URL in the format http://user:password@hostname:port

If the proxy uses TLS, specify URL from which you can download the server certificate URL in the Proxy Cert URL field. If the server does not user TLS, leave this field blank.

To test these settings, click the Test proxy settings button.

Proxy Setting


Settings will only be applied after the next system upgrade